There is a secret that will destroy the world. It is discovered by hired killer Nathan Fisher, who learns of a vast, horrifying plot which could result in the destruction of the human race. Risking his sanity and his life, he must somehow find a way to stop it. The year is 2135. It is the final year.

"This book has more imagination in its first few issues than most books have in their entire series."

— Ain't It Cool News

"Riveting. I couldn't put it down. Love the tone, love the designs, love the characters."
—Mark Waid, Writer DC Comics

"A deep and riveting chronicle...Reed and White have created a believable future in a few short pages."
—Silver Bullet Comics

The Overman is a 5-issue mini-series originally published by Image Comics in 2007-2008. A trade paperback edition was published in 2009. A collected digital edition published in 2019 is available at Comixology.

The Overman: The Collected Edition