The last time I inked and colored a Jack Kirby illustration was probably back in 2008, a Superman drawing that I found somewhere online. I think this one was inked traditionally (with brush and pen) although I could be wrong about that. There was a period during those years when I was inking with adobe illustrator, so it’s possible this piece is also entirely digital. Regardless, I’m back at it again this month with an inking/coloring treatment over another great Jack Kirby drawing. For this Thor drawing, I inked and colored it with clip studio paint, on my ipad pro. I also applied a halftone effect over the inks, similar to the old zipatone films used in the pre-digital days of comic art.




I have an ever-growing list of personal art projects that I’m slowly chipping away at, but these tend to see movement only when I have a window between paid work. Honestly, I don’t really have much downtime lately, but I recently purchased an ipad pro, and am finding a little time in the evenings to wind down with some digital drawing. Which brings me to this piece. At the moment, I have a Jack Kirby pencil scan that I’ve finished inking and am finalizing its color study. You’ll see that here soon. And then there’s this: a pencil scan of Hulk, by the ‘Michelangelo of comics’, big John Buscema, which I’ve inked, colored and logo treated. Because I didn’t break into comics until 1993, most of my heroes, like Buscema, were nearing retirement. It goes without saying that I had no opportunity to work with him while he was still alive and active. But that hasn’t stopped me, obviously. I’m posting Buscema’s penciled art along with my finishes, because I think it’s important to honor his work first and foremost. For a closer, more detailed look, download the high-res for free.



Thanks to the fine folks at Yancy Street Comics for inviting me as guest for their Free Comic Book Day event on May 6! I spent the day meeting old and new fans and the other amazingly talented guests there. The turnout was incredible, and I was so busy signing and selling copies of Saga of A Doomed Universe and Hark that I didn’t get around to sketching until the afternoon. Here’s pics of a few commissioned sketches from the day:


Tina and I were guests at the world premiere of Antman & The Wasp: Quantumania yesterday and it was pretty spectacular! This film introduces Jentorra, a character I co-created during my writing stint at Marvel and perfectly portrayed by Katy O’Brian. Also, this movie is great.

The filmmakers visually re-imagined Jentorra, and even from the trailers it’s clear that she’s been through a lot since her first appearance in the comics. If you haven’t delved into Jentorra’s origins or the most recent iteration of the Marvel Comics Microverse, a good place to start is my story arc in Realm of Kings: Son of Hulk.



As usual, these sort of projects tend to take a lot longer than usual, because of other commitments. But I finally made it happen: a full tilt homage to the original Micronauts. This concept started as a commissioned sketch at C2E2 in July, and I liked the composition so much that I decided to recreate it as a larger illustration later. You can download a print-ready high res of this over at my patreon page.

Saga Of A Doomed Universe #3!

The third and final issue of Saga of a Doomed Universe is currently available for pre-order from PreviewsWorld! When I started planning the cover variants, I quickly realized there were a multitude of iconic 1980’s era covers to choose from. But I wanted to make sure that these homages also had a direct link to the story itself, and I was pretty lucky in finding covers that related pretty closely to key scenes in the story. I plan to post all of those together at some point soon, but in the meantime, here’s all of the cover variants for issue 3!


C2E2 2022!

Next week, I’ll be at C2E2, artist alley table X-2, with new things on that table: HARK issues 1 & 2 from Beyond Forward Comics, a preview of Saga of a Doomed Universe from CEX Publishing & special give-aways! Plus, past works from Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics and even Malibu Comics! Over the years, Chicago has always been a special place to me. When I was young, I would make the pilgrimage to Chicago Comic-Con (long before C2E2 existed!) every summer, hoping to achieve the right connections to break into the comics industry…which I finally did, at Chicago Comic-con ’93! It’s been a wild ride ever since. This time around, I’m looking forward to sharing Hark and Saga of a Doomed Universe with old and new fans, while enjoying the company of amazing people creating amazing comics. For me, that’s always the biggest and most meaningful take-away at any comic convention. Hope to see you there!

Clearwater Comic-Con

What I love most about small, 1-day comic-cons is the community aspect to it, and the fact that it’s usually comic-centric in nature. Comic-Con is a bit of a misnomer these days, as they are often propped up by pop culture attractions outside of the comic art medium. I’m not opposed to all of that, but it’s nice to see the focus back to where most of that pop culture stuff originated: comic books. But I digress. This was an excellent show, thanks to the fine folks at Clearwater Public Library for putting on the event and having me as a guest. I met some amazing talent there, caught up with friends and colleagues, drew a few things for old and new fans, and sold a slew of books. Pretty much a perfect comic-con experience!

Commission sketch