I have an ever-growing list of personal art projects that I’m slowly chipping away at, but these tend to see movement only when I have a window between paid work. Honestly, I don’t really have much downtime lately, but I recently purchased an ipad pro, and am finding a little time in the evenings to wind down with some digital drawing. Which brings me to this piece. At the moment, I have a Jack Kirby pencil scan that I’ve finished inking and am finalizing its color study. You’ll see that here soon. And then there’s this: a pencil scan of Hulk, by the ‘Michelangelo of comics’, big John Buscema, which I’ve inked, colored and logo treated. Because I didn’t break into comics until 1993, most of my heroes, like Buscema, were nearing retirement. It goes without saying that I had no opportunity to work with him while he was still alive and active. But that hasn’t stopped me, obviously. I’m posting Buscema’s penciled art along with my finishes, because I think it’s important to honor his work first and foremost. For a closer, more detailed look, download the high-res for free.