C2E2 2022!

Next week, I’ll be at C2E2, artist alley table X-2, with new things on that table: HARK issues 1 & 2 from Beyond Forward Comics, a preview of Saga of a Doomed Universe from CEX Publishing & special give-aways! Plus, past works from Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics and even Malibu Comics! Over the years, Chicago has always been a special place to me. When I was young, I would make the pilgrimage to Chicago Comic-Con (long before C2E2 existed!) every summer, hoping to achieve the right connections to break into the comics industry…which I finally did, at Chicago Comic-con ’93! It’s been a wild ride ever since. This time around, I’m looking forward to sharing Hark and Saga of a Doomed Universe with old and new fans, while enjoying the company of amazing people creating amazing comics. For me, that’s always the biggest and most meaningful take-away at any comic convention. Hope to see you there!