Press Release: The new issue of HARK on sale now!


Hudson, Florida 02/12/2022 – The second chapter in Scott Reed’s science fiction epic Hark is now on sale! Reed is best known as a writer of Marvel Comics Realm of Kings (Son Of Hulk, Microverse: Enigma Force) and for his critically acclaimed Image Comics mini-series, The Overman. About his current series, Reed explains, “I’m introducing an alien philosophy as a thread that weaves through all the action, explosions and strange creatures doing terrible things. Everything that happens in the story is rooted in symbolism in some way. There are quotes and parables from Hark, who is this AI super-intelligence conflicted about his own purpose as a force for peace. Plus, he’s mutated into something terrifying. He has a lot of new powers that he doesn’t know how to handle.” Reed is writing, drawing, and publishing the series via his creator-owned imprint, Beyond Forward Comics. He views the 6-issue series as a ‘long-game’ endeavor, with 1 intricately drawn issue published every year, between his other projects. 

The story is set on the once war-torn planet Serad, until it was transformed into a pacifist’s utopia thanks to Hark’s teachings. His work completed, the android philosopher went into sleep-mode, only to awaken a century later to discover his message of total non-violence has sparked a cosmic genocide, at the hands of an alien presence known only as The Elusivv. Hark is faced with the survivors: The Pacifista, a cult who now worship him as a God, and The Reactors, a barbarian-like clan who seek revenge against the Elusivv, and against Hark, who they blame for causing the downfall of their civilization. Hark is caught between these two powerful ideologies, with his own unstable powers threatening to make matters even worse. 

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